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5 September 12


[I blame Brittany for this. Also, not sure if I said Atraxi right, and I’m losing my voice. But here you go, Tumblr]

Doctor Who: Gallifreyan Rhapsody

Is that an eyeball?
No it’s the Atraxi
Caught in a giant cube
No escape and he’s all beardy
The TARDIS flies
Through time and space, you see
The Doctor wears a fez, and he’s a bit broody
Any time you want to see, doesn’t really matter to me,
Says he.

Rory just died again
Faced the Daleks and he’s dead
Faced the Silence, he died then
Rory, your life had just begun
But now you’ve gone and snuffed it ooooh yet again
Rory, oooooooooo
Didn’t mean to let you die,
But you’ll be back again this time tomorrow,
We’ll carry on, carry on
Because this fits your pattern.

Amy, you’ve lost your love
Having flashbacks in your mind, and you’re crying all the time,
Doctor, can’t you do something?
That crack in my wall is really quite creepy
Rory, ooooh,
He doesn’t want to die,
I sometimes think he’s never been born at all

I see the Silence and they’re coming after me-eee
Now I don’t, now I don’t, oh crap where’d they go?
What are these marks I’m making, why is my head aching?
River Song, River Song, River Song, you’re Melody!
Oh my god whoaaa

I’m just a Time Lord, no one survives with me,
He’s just a Time Lord, and he gets really lonely
But he’s got Rory Pond and his Amy

So the sonic screwdriver still won’t work on wood
So you’ll steal Amy’s baby and think it’s all good?
Oh, baby, you won’t get away with that baby
Just might kill you all, might kill you all standing here

He can go through space,
And time also - neat!
But he’ll soon lose his Amy…

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