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28 April 11

The completely awesome, most wonderful, bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS FAQ!

Hello, there! It seems that you have found the room of the TARDIS where people’s most frequently asked questions seem to wander and get answered. Let’s start, shall we?


We are made up of six mostly-sane people: Mimi, captain and pilot, Oliver, chief curator,  Zander, general manager, Mitra, supervisor, Angie and Thomas, our contributors

  • Filipino Whovians, really?

Yarly. Me and Zander are born and bred. We just moved to America at almost exactly the same time. Mitra, our third Filipino, is from California.

  • Where can I find this certain episode?

Here. Do some snooping here. Or maybe you can try here. Possibly here or here too. Also here for classics, and here for new who.

  • But I’d rather download it!

Try this.

  • What’s your policy on spoilers?

We generally post spoilers a week after it has aired in the US. However, there can be exceptions, such as the time we posted spoilers right away because the airings were only several hours apart from each other.

EDIT: Spoilers are now posted a day or so after BBC America has aired it.

  • What’s your policy on submissions?

We love them! Send in anything Doctor Who related here.

  • What’s your policy on promos?

We only do promos if they’re Doctor Who related, and only accompanied with submissions.

  • Why haven’t you answered my very important question?

Our inbox sometimes gets clogged and we are very busy people. ;) And sometimes tumblr screws up. Don’t be surprised if you do get an answer before you ask a question though. :)

  • Where did you get your theme?

This theme, specifically the background image, has no source, and was found on 4chan a long time ago. If you know the original artist or original website for this image, please let us know so we can give proper credit.

  • Who is/are your favorite Doctor/s?

Mimi: In no particular order… Two, Ten and Eleven

Ollie: Umm Ten, Four, One, Eleven, Nine. That isn’t in any particular order though.

Zander: Ditto: Ten, Eleven, Nine, One, Eight.

  • What is your absolute most favorite episode? 

Mimi: It’s a toss-up between Blink and Vincent and the Doctor. Also, my favorite Classic Who story is The Mind Robber.

Ollie: I do have an absolute favourite either. It’s kinda case by case basis for each Doctor. For the First Doctor it’s “The Daleks”, for the Ninth it’s “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”, for the Tenth it’s a toss up between “Blink” and “Girl in the Mirror”, and I have to go with “Vincent and the Doctor” for the Eleventh.

Zander: My favorite NuWho is almost always Blink, Human Nature and Family of Blood are great too. Dalek for Nine. I also never get tired of An Unearthly Child. The Five Doctors is lovely.

  • Is River Song the Rani and do you hate her?

Mimi: I’m convinced she’s Romana. Also, no, she’s one of the most badass TV characters you will ever meet.

Ollie: I love River especially since this last season. I don’t think that River is Romana, but she may be a niece or a former student.

Zander: I love River. Her role to the Doctor, transient, dropping in and out, never in the right order, is how everyone else feels about him. But no, I don’t think she’s the Rani.

Edit: River Song is not the Rani.

  •  What about Martha

Mimi: I absolutely adore her.

Ollie: Captain Jack>Amy>Rose>River>Donna>Rory>Martha>Mickey>Adam

Zander: I love her. I don’t get all the hate.

  • Rory’s Nametag? The clock in Amy’s Room? What is the Silence?

Mimi: It’s got Rory’s face on it, therefore, awesome. Amy needs to set her clocks. The Silence is Omega. I also believe everything is deliberate.

Ollie: The Moff has a grand plan I think everything is explained by that.

Zander: Shhhhh.

Edit: Moffat is still torturing us.

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